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Public Announcement Regarding Brownwood Middle School Bat Exposure


This notification is to inform you that before school on Thursday, September 27, a bat was found outside the gymnasium at Brownwood Middle School. Procedures to remove the bat and protect students, employees, and visitors were followed according to school district and public health guidelines for rabies specimen submission and testing.


After a process to identify anyone who may have been near the bat, we identified four students who had been in close proximity or touched the bat. The parents of those students were immediately notified on Thursday and the bat was submitted to the Brownwood Health Department. I was notified this afternoon that this bat tested positive for rabies. If you have a student at Brownwood Middle School, please interview your children about this incident and call the Brownwood Health Department at 325-646-0554 if you believe your child touched the bat.


The building was inspected by Brownwood maintenance personnel and will be closely inspected again over the weekend. The campus will be monitored daily for an extended "watch period," by school district personnel who will inspect the interior and exterior of the facility for any signs of bats. School officials will take the appropriate actions and notify you if any more bats are found.


We are committed to providing a safe environment for our children. Inspections to keep the campus free of pests are conducted throughout the year. Please reiterate with your child the importance of not handling wildlife which may be found near a campus and to contact school personnel immediately if they notice anything. Please feel free to contact me, or the principal of your child's school, if you have questions.


Joe Young, Ed.D.


Brownwood ISD