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BMS Meet the Teacher Information

BMS Meet the Teacher
August 16th / 5-6pm


Our format that we will use will consist of an abbreviated bell schedule (5 min. each class) with a 2 minute passing period between.  You will follow your student’s schedule (classes only-lunch will not be included in the bell schedule).  We encourage you to use your schedule that you picked up at your designated “Schedule Pick-Up”, or we will also print out schedules if you do not have one (if that is the case, please arrive early and report to the cafeteria to get obtain your child’s schedule).  Upon completion of the abbreviated bell schedule, if you wish to follow-up with a teacher, or continue to tour the campus, you may certainly do so.  We will remain open until 6:30 pm.  The abbreviated schedule is as follows:


5:00-5:05       1st Period

5:07-5:12       2nd Period (Advisory)

5:14-5:19       3rd Period

5:21-5:26       4th Period

5:28-5:33       5th Period

5:35-5:40       6th Period

5:42-5:47       7th Period

5:49-5:54       8th Period

5:56-6:01       9th Period


-Our current BMS NJHS and Student Council students will be on hand and stationed throughout the building to assist you in navigating our campus and locating classrooms.  If you have a question, please do not hesitate to ask.  Thank you again for coming and have a great evening!


BMS Principal,

Richard Sweaney