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BHS Forensics Students Engage in Hands-On Learning Experience at JFK Museum

Mrs. Humphries' Forensics students recently traveled to the John F. Kennedy (JFK) museum (Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas) for a unique learning experience that combined history and forensic science. The trip provided students with an opportunity to explore the life of JFK while also putting their forensic knowledge to the test through a conflicting evidence workshop.

Upon arrival at the JFK museum, students were treated to a guided tour that delved into the life, presidency, and assassination of John F. Kennedy. The tour allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of the historical context surrounding their forensic studies.

Following the informative tour, Mrs. Humphries' Forensics class participated in an engaging workshop focused on conflicting evidence analysis. This hands-on activity challenged students to apply their forensic skills by examining and interpreting various pieces of evidence related to JFK's assassination. Through this activity, the students were able to exercise their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while deepening their understanding of forensics as a discipline.

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