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New Brownwood ISD Sign Reflects Focus on Support

By Sara Musgrove


Visitors traveling down Southside Drive might notice a new sign constructed in front of the Brownwood Independent School District (BISD) offices. Recent updates to the property include a hand-crafted rock and concrete edifice providing a revitalized new name for the offices, now known as the Central Support Center.


Previously, the main district building was known as “BISD Administration,” and it was even physically labeled as such.  With a new sign already planned, the leadership staff saw an opportunity to assign a fresh title better suited to what the office provides, not only to the Brownwood community, but also to the teachers, staff, and students within the district.


“When people think of the word, ‘administer,’ they think, ‘take what they give you’,” said BISD Superintendent, Dr. Joe Young. “If you’re being administered to, then that’s the mentality. You just do what they tell you. We want to change that. When something comes from this building, if it doesn’t support what teachers or principals are doing in their classrooms or campuses, then we need to rethink it.”


The seven campuses consisting of Brownwood ISD are spearheaded by the offices located on Southside Drive, but the leadership housed there are focusing their efforts to be a support staff for the crucial daily efforts made by students, teachers, aides, and principals on their campuses.


“Teachers work with our kids every day,” Young said. “They are the ones who make the impact. Behind them we have our principals, as they affect our teachers every day in the classroom. As a central support group, we are here to help those entities. We are here to support our campuses, not the other way around.”


So while the name change may be a simple way to put into words the actions which the leadership of BISD offers, the sign will also point visitors toward the open doors to find assistance. The maintenance staff constructed the new sign by using products from local stores and in-house labor. The sign will light the way to a more intentional purpose for visitors, students, and all district employees.


“We want to remind ourselves that everything we do here is to support our campuses, because that’s where our kids are,” Young said. “You always want to see people walk the walk, and not just talk the talk; we want to do both.”