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Brownwood ISD Gives Its Employees a Surprise Gift to Kick Off the Thanksgiving Holidays

In the cool of the morning on Friday, November 16th, Brownwood ISD (BISD) employees gathered earlier than normal on each campus for a simultaneous announcement to staff.  Nobody knew what was going on, only that an announcement would be made at 7:30 a.m. sharp.


“We’ve heard everything,” said Heather Nix, a digital media specialist and photography teacher at BHS, noting the various theories and speculation that were spiraling around their campus the day before.


A Brownwood ISD administrator and Board of Trustee member was at each campus, and each opened an envelope and read the following statement promptly at 7:30 a.m. 


“On behalf of Brownwood ISD and the Board of Trustees, it is a privilege today to give you something a little something special to start your Thanksgiving holiday.  BISD continues to look for ways to support staff and show appreciation. With that being said, here is a small token. Today every BISD employee is going to be given a $500 retention incentive. I have your check here and I will personally deliver it to you at your classroom or workstation.  Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all you do.”


At Woodland Heights Elementary, BISD Superintendent, Dr. Joe Young gave the announcement.  Group hugs abounded. Gasps and delighted shrieks resounded. Some wiped tears from the corners of their eyes. “My eyeliner is getting smudged,” one teacher giggled.


BISD Behavioral Specialist, Neredia Ceniceros, received the message at BISD Central Office.  “It’s a real blessing to work for a district that cares so much for their employees,” she said.  “Having a senior this year, this will be great to help as we do college campus tours and for other college expenses.”


There were plenty of hugs, cheers, and excitement at each of the campuses.  “It’s something that we have wanted to do for a long time and Dr. Young made it happen,” said BISD Board of Trustees member, Eric Evans who attended the Brownwood Middle School presentation. “We wanted to make it a surprise. Every employee is getting a lump check for $500.”  The district also took into consideration the amount needed for taxes and worked it out so each employee would get to take home the complete $500.


“Our employees make the difference every day,” stated Dr. Young. “We are thankful they chose us.”