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Brownwood ISD Pink-Out Fundraiser Adds Feet to the Battle Against Cancer

By Sara Musgrove


Making a difference in people’s lives, one pair of pink socks at a time. Brownwood ISD’s Pink-Out Committee has rallied members of the community over the past six years by selling t-shirts; this year, they added a cozy element to the mix with leaping lion pink socks. All funds raised through the annual Pink-Out campaigns have been used to help Brownwood cancer patients. “We raise funds to help anyone in our BISD family who is battling cancer,” said Sheila Senkirik, a counselor at Brownwood High School who serves on the Pink-Out Committee. “We reach out to students, employees, and even their family members.” The money goes toward medical expenses, travel costs, as well as extra needs accumulated while attending treatment. A portion of the proceeds from BISD Pink-Out also provide funding to the community through donations to Walker Cancer Center.  Each cancer battle involves unique needs, and the community has truly come through this year to help the people who receive the funds.


The Pink-Out Committee utilizes a unique t-shirt design every year. The 2018-19 Committee decided to add socks to the effort. The socks are pink with maroon leaping lions, representing Brownwood Pride. “The great thing about the socks is they can be worn year-round,” Senkirik said. “It ended up being bigger than we expected and we were pleasantly pleased.” Socks were available in adult and child sizes, and close to 500 pairs have been purchased. There are still some socks available for purchase at the administration office, which the Committee will sell at other various athletic games and venues.


This year, over 568 more shirts were purchased than previously, bringing the 2018 total to 2,098 shirts. The Committee will be able to provide over $10,000 to local families taking on the challenge of battling cancer. “The great thing about our funds is that if we raise a lot of money, everyone is able to get a check,” Senkirik said. “We keep a little reserve back if anyone gets diagnosed in the spring, and we can help them out then.” As of now, three BISD employees’ names have been submitted who are currently battling cancer. While privacy is important for those receiving the funds, the Committee keeps an eye out for anyone who could use some assistance. “The school principals have first-hand knowledge if there’s anyone, teachers or students, who are battling cancer,” Senkirik said. “A lot of it is private and the masses don’t know.”


So while individuals may find themselves in a battle for life, they have a great crowd of advocates buoying their journey. Cancer touches many lives and continues to infiltrate daily. The fight hits near and dear to many hearts. Meanwhile, the Pink-Out Committee just as purposefully progresses their support and encouragement for survivors, not just on the sidelines of a football field, but with warm hearts and, this year, pink socks.