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April 28 Update to Brownwood ISD COVID-19 Response Plan


Student progress reports will be distributed on May 5th. Each teacher will report student learning as “P” for Progressing or “NP” for Not Progressing.

If your child receives a “P” this means that he/she is making progress during off campus learning. Thank you for your help. Continue your efforts in working through this unprecedented time.
If your child receives a “NP”, this means that we do not have enough information, assignments have not been returned showing progress, or we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to make contact with you or your child. We will continue our efforts to reach out to you. Please contact your teacher or campus principal so we can work together to help bring your assignments current and/or assist with any difficulties you are experiencing. We are here to help you during this time!


An information sheet containing FAQs for our 2020 BHS seniors has been posted.  Visit to view or download the PDF.

Please continue to follow for the latest updates.