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April 2 Update to Brownwood ISD COVID-19 Response Plan


During this time of COVID-19, school districts have had to close while still providing the critical services that are normally expected inside the building.  School nutrition has had to adapt to the needs of the communities to continue to provide nutritious meals while traditional school is closed.  With these restrictions on the district, Brownwood ISD School Nutrition staff have worked extremely hard to provide meals to the students and the community through a “grab and go” service that continues to align with the daily variety of nutrients that students had come to expect from the cafeteria line.

During the first two weeks of “grab and go” service, we have added as much variety as possible.  Some examples include chicken ranch wraps, nachos, pepperoni snack-able, among other items.  While you may still see your “regulars” of ham and cheese sandwiches and such, we will continue to add a range of meal options.

As we continue to support the community, the staff are diligent in working with a smile!  The tremendous commitment of the front line kitchen staff makes this possible each and every day!

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