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Students at East Elementary Having Fun While Playing “Alligator and Frog Tag” in P.E.

Article by: Kathleen Cravey


“Alligator and Frog tag” is fun for every grade at East Elementary. Coach Kim Harvey changes out the exercise movements so the game may be appropriate for each grade.
This game encourages students, or frogs, to move around as they try to and get away from the five students, or alligators, who may tag them. Coach Harvey has the students moving around the gym in a certain way, such as skipping, galloping, or jumping. If a student gets tagged, they go to a corner of the gym and do five exercises, and this may be jumping jacks, sit-ups, or pushups. Students can be safe by standing on one of the safe zones.
The students enjoy this activity as it seemed to be a less traditional version of tag. This game encourages students to move around while they have fun with one another!