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East Elementary Students Enjoy Up-Close Look at Various Animals During Lesson on Wildlife

Article by: Chandler Britton

On Monday, October 2, Big Country Wildlife and Rehabilitation brought an assortment of wild animals to East Elementary. During Ms. Davis's fourth-grade class, the animal handlers spoke about what you should do if you encounter a wild animal that is sick or wounded and how they are often called to retrieve the animals. Each student crafted a biodegradable nest to set out if they ever found a baby bird in the wild.

The excitement of the visit was summed up by ten-year-old Cutler Clark, who enjoyed seeing the possum. "They are really super awesome," said Clark. "Possums are immune to rattlesnake venom. They are nature's cleanup crew."

Students were treated with the opportunity to see a snake, skunk, possum, and a few different birds.


Collage of four photos from event.