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April 3 Update to Brownwood ISD COVID-19 Response Plan

We understand that for various reasons (no computer, no internet, preference, etc.), printed instructional materials are necessary. We are committed to providing the support our families need during these difficult times. To simplify this process and support higher compliance with ‘stay at home’ principles, we are making updates.


All campuses will follow a similar timeline and process for pick-up and drop-off to give families clarity.


April 6 – April 10

  • There is no distribution or drop-off at any campuses this week. Continue to utilize the materials you have along with the electronic resources provided.
  • Campuses will notify parents of updated times and methods for April 14 distribution and return.

April 13 – April 17

  • On Tuesday, April 14, new materials will be distributed and completed materials may be returned to each campus. These new materials will cover through May 1.

April 20 – May 1

  • There is no distribution or drop-off at any campuses these two weeks.

May 4 – May 8

  • On Monday, May 4, we plan to return to campuses, if cleared by national, state, and local officials.
  • In the event schools do not reopen on May 4, new printed materials will be distributed and completed material may be returned to each school on Tuesday, May 5. The new printed materials would cover through May 28.

May 11 – May 28

  • Directions for the final return of materials will be sent.

Continue to communicate with your teachers and campuses for assistance and how we can do better. The amount of work given to each student is being analyzed and adjusted to ensure we are offering enough support without overwhelming everyone involved.

Visit for the latest off-campus instruction information.