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April 1 Update to Brownwood ISD COVID-19 Response Plan


On March 31st, Governor Abbott closed all Texas schools through May 1. This closure will affect some of our planned Senior activities. We are still committed to give our Seniors a wonderful final experience at BHS.

As of today, April 1, our Senior activity plans are the following:

  • Academic Signing Day – Academic Signing Day is still scheduled for May 21st.
  • Elementary Graduation Walks – Seniors walking the halls of their elementary schools is still scheduled for May 22nd.
  • Prom – Prom is postponed. A new date and location are pending.
  • BHS Baccalaureate – Baccalaureate is canceled.
  • BHS Academic Awards – Academic Awards Night is canceled. Seniors will be recognized for their Academic Awards as part of a graduation ceremony.
  • Graduation – Graduation is still scheduled for May 29th.

Please remember these activities will follow all governmental health mandates and recommendations in place at the time of these events, so we may need to make additional modifications if necessary. We will let everyone know of any changes as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly. Our priority is to give our Seniors a lasting and memorable experience as they close their final chapter at BHS.

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