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Longhorns Defeat Compadres in 2023 Coggin 6th Grade Flag Football Super Bowl

On Thursday, November 16, the Compadres and the Longhorns competed in the annual Coggin Elementary School (CES) 6th Grade Flag Football Super Bowl held at Gordon Wood Stadium. The event included the 6th Grade Choir performing the National Anthem, 6th Grade Cheerleaders on the sidelines, the jumbotron with video, and the BHS Band pumping up the crowd and performing a halftime show. To start off the show each team ran through their large paper signs as the band blasted the Brownwood Lions Fight Song. Both teams then lined up to honor America with the singing of the National Anthem by the 6th Grade Choir directed by Mrs. Megan Yeats.

Coach Brandon Bown provided the following play-by-play recap of the game:

Both teams met at the 50-yard line for the coin toss led by their captains Jearon Hernandez and Brooks Booth. Head Referee Cliff Ross flipped the coin and Brooks Booth won the toss and chose to defer to the second half and the Compadres were set to receive. Romeo Garcia made a good return for the Compadres for 15 yards. This drive seemed like it was all Romeo Garcia with a few runs combined for 50 plus yards and a Compadre touchdown. Following a good 2-point conversion with Leeland Hamilton connecting to Sam May, the score was 8-0 Compadres.

It did not take long for the Longhorns to answer back after a 23-yard Brooks return on the kickoff. Brooks Booth connected to Bennett Williams for a touchdown and then to Jack Bauchman for a successful 2-point conversion that tied the game 8-8.

Sam May started the Compadres second drive with a great run for a 1st down. Emma Soto then connected with Josh Hopkins and Leeland Hamilton for a couple of great pass plays. Once again Romeo Garcia made a 30-yard run and would have scored if he wasn’t caught by Brooks Booth.  But it didn’t matter as Romeo scored on the next play with a short run. A complete pass from Emma Soto to Leeland Hamilton picked up the 2-point conversion and made the score 16-8 Compadres.

Following a great return from Brooks Booth for 40 yards, the Longhorns answered right back with a quick score. Brooks Booth connected to Kinsler Doremus for 6. The 2-point conversion was good to Duncan Dennison leaving the score tied at 16-16. As the half was coming to an end Romeo Garcia broke loose again but Parker Dennison prevented another score from the Compadres before Halftime.


After the Compadres kick-off for the second half, it did not take the Longhorns long to get a score. Brooks Booth hit Bennett Williams on a 50-yard touchdown catch. Brooks then connected to Parker Dennison for the 2-point conversion which made the score 24-16 Longhorns.

The Compadres put together a drive with a couple of great runs from Leeland Hamilton and Sam May. Emma Soto connected with Leeland on pass play and Romeo Garcia ended the drive with a touchdown run for 12 yards. With an incomplete 2-point conversion attempt, the score was left at 24-22 Longhorns.

The Compadres attempted an on-side kick, but the Longhorns jumped on it quickly. Just when you thought the Compadres had them stopped Brooks kept them alive with a big fourth-down down run and then scored. A failed 2-point conversion left the score 30-22.

The following Longhorns kick-off went out of bounds giving good field position to the Compadres on their 40-yard line. Emma Soto led a 60-yard drive and got the ball to Leeland Hamilton on three different occasions for big first downs. Romeo Garcia then punched it into the endzone as the clock winds down. With the score 30-28 the Compadres go for the 2-point conversion and it’s no good. A yellow flag flies from Head Referee Cliff Ross and he gets on the mic and calls holding on the Compadres with a 10-yard penalty and a chance to replay the 2-point conversion. With the second attempt, the Compadres’ Emma Soto gets the ball to Leeland Hamilton completing the 2-point conversion. With the score tied 30-30, the game moves into Sudden Death overtime for the first time in Coggin 6th Grade Super Bowl history.


The first team that scores will win the game. The Longhorns win the toss and chose to receive. The Compadres tried the onside kick and Kinsler Doremus made a huge recovery for the Longhorns. As the Longhorns begin their drive the ball gets into Bennett Williams’ hands, and he takes it to the house for the game-winning touchdown. With a final score of 36-30, the Longhorns are crowned the 2023 Coggin 6th Grade Flag Football Super Bowl Champions.

Coach Brown commended everyone who contributed to making the game a success. “What a fantastic job from the 6th Grade Cheerleaders led by Ashley Pinkston and Coach Ratliff,” said Brown. “I will tell you that they have worked really hard over the last several weeks and they do an awesome job with those girls.”

“At halftime our awesome Brownwood High School Mighty Maroon Marching Band directed by Mr. And Mrs. Lambert, along with Mr. Yeats, Mr. Hernandez, and Mr. Lacy, as usual rocked the house and put on a great show for all BISD 5th Grade and CES 6th Grade as well as families and friends of the student athletes,” continued Brown. “The Lamberts and assistants run a top-notch program that continues to grow every year.”

“I am very proud of all who participated this year in 2023,” added Brown. “This was our first year having Pre-Athletics. They all worked hard, tended to their grades, and were respectful student athletes. It’s been a privilege and an honor and I can’t wait to see what their future holds.”

Coach Brown expressed an extended thank you to the following individuals and organizations for making this year’s Super Bowl a success:

Ben Cox (Announcer), Jerry Don Gleaton (Scoreboard Operator), Charles Musgrove (Media), Mr. Atchley and Media Crew (Jumbotron/Video), Cliff Ross, Corey Crowell, and Reggie Hatfield (Referees), Maria and Bus Drivers from Texas Rural Student Transportation, Joey Zapata and the Brownwood Maintenance Crew (Field Preparations), Leighton Burnett and Isla Long (Trainers), 6th Grade CES Choir directed by Mrs. Yeats (National Anthem), Becky Holcomb and the CES Art Department (Run-Through Signs), Ashley Pinkston, Coach Ratliff and the 6th Grade Cheerleaders, David and Lesley Lambert, Mr. Yeats, Mr. Hernandez, and Mr. Lacy and the Brownwood High School Mighty Maroon Marching Band, Veronica Ballenger and Kali McLaughlin for their support, and the City of Brownwood and Roland Soto for use of the soccer fields for the regular season and playoffs, the Brownwood Lions and Coaching Staff (Congratulations & keep the wins coming in the playoffs), The High School Athletic Department for the use of Gordon Wood Stadium, BISD Central Support for their continuous support, All BISD 5th Grade and their Administration for joining us, Coach Dex Dennard and Davis Le (Guest Speakers - 2023 Football Draft), all 60 participants for this year’s Flag Football season, and parents and families of our student athletes for their awesome support.

Texas Longhorns (Maroon)
Brooks Booth #7
Kinsler Doremus #23
Bennett Williams #82
Jack Bauchman #15
Greyer Jeys #81
Izaiah Castaneda #25
Luis Murillo #22
Duncan Dennison #10
Parker Dennison #84
Jeremiah Leonard #44

The Compadres (White)
Leeland Hamilton #33
Eli Risch #4
Diego Villanueva #13
Caleb Galindo #99
Jovi Martinez #25
Josh Hopkins #18
Sam May #3
Hudson Garcia #93
Emma Soto #24
Romeo Garcia #35
Braxton Fagundes #84
Jearon Hernandez #91
Miguel Sanchez #83


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