Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment

  • Brownwood ISD offers a variety of courses at the high school that counts both for high school as well as college credit in both academic and technical programs.  

    BISD has dual credit course agreements with Howard Payne University, Ranger College, Texas State Technical College, and the University of Texas OnRamps. Students must meet eligibility requirements for each program in order to enroll in a dual credit course; tuition and lab fees may apply. 

    Please visit with your high school counselor, at 646-9549, if you have further questions.  


  • Dual Credit 2019-2020 SUMMER, FALL, AND SPRING

    APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS--Choose institution below:

    _____ Howard Payne University: See your counselor for an application. Skip below to TSI 

    _____Ranger College Application:  Go to https://www.rangercollege.edu/dual-credit/

    Click “Apply Now” on the right to complete application

      If you have taken courses at Ranger College, you DO NOT NEED to apply.

    ______Once officially submitted, you will see an “Application Successfully Completed” page. Save the “Application Successfully Completed” page for verification purposes. Your counselor will provide Ranger College your official transcript and TSI verification.



    ______ You must meet TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Readiness by meeting one of the qualifiers below for the intended subject area:


    History/Other  PSAT R/W-460; TSI Reading 351 or SAT R/W-480; ACT English 19/23 composite

    English PSAT R/W-460; TSI-essay 5 or essay 4/340 or SAT R/W-480; ACT English 19/23 

    Math PSAT Math-510; TSI Math-350 or SAT Math-530 or ACT Math-19/23 composite

    *Speech and Spanish must have a TSI Reading score, but not a minimum.


    TSI: If you need to take the TSI, sign up on the counselor’s web page:

    https://www.brownwoodisd.org/Page/1404 (Click on “Steps to Register for the TSI”)


    This registration stays open until the Friday before the test date. Taking Dual Credit is a big responsibility, so as a result, you will not get an individual reminder. You will be sent one via email a few days before the test date. Set a reminder alarm when you sign up for the test.

Dual Credit

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