Head Start


    updated 3.16 If interested in enrolling your child, please call  (325) 643-1727 to set up an application time.  Ask to speak with Mary Zamarripa or Lisa Mendoza.

    Please watch BISD's social media pages for updates.

    If any of your contact information has changed- please let your childs teacher know.



    PK Head-Start is for children ages 3-5 (must be 3 years old by Sept. 1st) , and is part of the Northwest Elementary campus.
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    In order for your child's application to be considered for Head Start, we must have the following items attached to the application:
    • Income Verification - Income tax, W-2, income for all employment in last 12 months
    • Proof of Birth - Birth certificate, hospital record, baptismal record, proof of guardianship-if applicable
    • Proof of Residency - Utility bill (electric, gas) -needs to be in child file

    We also need the following information:

    • Medicaid, CHIPS or Private Insurance Verification
    • Immunization Records

    NOTE: Spaces are limited.  For additional questions and to check availability please use the contact information below.
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  • PK Head-Start
    Lisa Mendoza, Mary Zamarripa &
    Bea Fanning
    (325) 643-1727