• Coggin Intermediate
    800 Rogan

    Start time: 7:50 am
    End time: 3:25 pm

    We have 5 Zones for loading and unloading students.

     Parents can find their “zone” at the Registration and Meet the Teacher events.

  • For unloading students:

    Zone A - all 4th grade
    Zones B and C - None
    Zone D - 5th and 6th grade from 7:20 am —7:40 am
    Zone E - 6th grade after 7:45 am

  • For loading:

    Zone A - Classes for Grider, K. Smith, Long, Crosby, Templeton, Land and Fell
    Zone B - Classes for Baslee, Barr, E. Smith, Maniger, Richmon, Mosqueda, Hardwick, Harding
    Zone C - Jaguars Team
    Zone D - Owls and Wolves Team
    Zone D - 6th Grade Upstairs Rooms
    Zone E - 6th Grade Downstairs Rooms

  • Coggin Map