Reminder: UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest (8th grade Band only)

    Wednesday, March 27th

    Stephenville High School

    Please do not schedule any appointments, etc. on this date!

    This year, our 8th graders are combining with the High School Concert Band to create a non-varsity High School band.

    Required attire: 

    Black pants (not leggings/sweats/etc. - jeans are fine if solid black with no holes)

    Dark shoes

    A Brownwood Band Polo will be provided

    • All eligible* 8th grade band members will be required to attend.

    • Event will take place during school hours

    • Depending on performance time, students may be required to come to school before normal start time, and students may be back later than normal school end time

    • Parents are welcome to attend the Concert portion of the contest

    • Performance schedule and itinerary will be available at a later date


    Attendance at these practices is required for all academically eligible 8th grade band members. Failure to attend may result in the student being removed from the contest group. Students removed from the contest group will also not be eligible for the Spring Trip.


    Monday, March 18th - 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, meal afterwards

    HS Auditorium (enter through band hall)


    *Wednesday, March 20th - 7:30 am

    HS Auditorium (enter through band hall)


    *Thursday, March 21st - 7:30 am

    HS Auditorium (enter through band hall)


    *For early morning rehearsals, students should be dropped off at the HS. Students will be transported by bus to the Middle School at the end of the rehearsal (about 8:45.)

    Please make plans to have transportation to these rehearsals, especially for bus riders.

    -Mr. Hernandez




    Please note of an important date change!

    BMS Band Spring Concert

    Tuesday, May 7th (was previously April 23rd)

    6 pm, BHS Auditorium

    This is a required event for all band students. Please save the date!

    -Mr. Yeats



    Parents/Guardians of students participating in the All-Region Clinic this Saturday- students have been given itineraries and permission slips for this Saturday's trip. Permission slips should be returned ASAP!

    Below is the schedule for Friday. Students have received a paper copy. Edits below are changes made since the paper copies were passed out. Please take note.

    All Region Clinic/Concert

    Saturday, January 20th

    Tarleton State University, Stephenville

    Clyde Wells Fine Arts Center


    • Dress for bus ride/rehearsal: current Brownwood Band shirt, appropriate bottoms

    • Dress for concert: Collared Brownwood shirt (will be provided), dark pants, no jeans if possible, dress shoes if at all possible

    Students should bring their concert clothes in a bag to be kept with them throughout the day.


    6:50 am Meet at MS Band Hall. Dropoff behind school at bus loop. Load instruments, music, etc. on bus.

    7:00 Leave for Stephenville

    8:15 Arrive at TSU, unload

    Symphonic Band: Choir room (EDIT) in Fine Arts Center

    Concert Band: Band Hall  (EDIT) in the Fine Arts Center 

    8:30 Rehearsal begins

    11:30 Rehearsal ends - meet back at bus to go eat (lunch provided), 

    12:45 Return to TSU for afternoon rehearsal

    1:00 Afternoon rehearsal begins

    4:30 Afternoon rehearsal ends - eat at places on/near campus (money provided), change clothes, prepare for concert

    5:45 Warm up for concert

    Symphonic Band: Band Hall in the Fine Arts Center

    Concert Band: Band Hall in the Fine Arts Center

    6:00 Concert begins - Concert Band performs first, followed by Symphonic Band

    7:15 Concert concludes


    *EDIT: students not going home with parents will ride the bus back at the conclusion of the Symphonic Band portion of the concert.


    Other information:

    Concert is free and open to the public

    The concert will be in the main auditorium of the Clyde Wells Fine Arts Center at TSU

    Parents should park in parking lots P-15 and P-14


    Mr. Yeats’ contact information:


    940-867-6085 (number for parents/guardians only)



    Students who made the All-Region Band - 

    Save the date!

    All Region Band Clinic/Concert


    Saturday, January 20th

    Tarleton State University

    (all day)

    More detailed schedule will come closer to the date.

    We will meet that morning at the MS band hall. Transportation and meals will be provided.


    If you can not attend, you must let us know ASAP so your spot can be filled.




    BMS Bands / HS Jazz band 

    Christmas Concert  

    Tuesday, December 12th @ 6:00 PM


    5:30 PM - HS Band Hall Open (your instrument and music will already be there)

    5:45 PM - 7th grade on stage ready to warm up

                     8th grade in Band Hall ready to warm up

    6:00 PM - Concert begins with 7th grade Band


    Concert Order:

    7th Grade Band

    HS Jazz Band

    8th Grade Band


    Concert Length:

    Approximately 45 minutes

    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~  WHAT TO WEAR  ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

    Sunday Best (no shorts or jeans with holes, “Texas Tux” is allowed)

    Christmas colors are encouraged.

    Santa Hats will be provided.

    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~  AUDIENCE ATTENDANCE  ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

    Everyone is expected to stay throughout the concert. Each group has worked very hard to put together their music. Please stay and give them the audience that they deserve.



    This is a required event for all band students. Absences are only excused for illness or emergencies.



    Dr. Pepper Fundraiser pickup TOMORROW, December 5th

    High School Band Hall (parking lot on 10th St., across from First Methodist Church)

    After school until 5:30 pm

    Make sure you are able to transport the number of cases on your order. If there is any reason that you are not able to pick up your order at this time, you must communicate with a band director.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Yeats



    Poinsettia Fundraiser pickup this Wednesday, 11/29

    High School Band Hall (parking lot on 10th St., across from First Methodist Church)

    After school until 5:30 pm

    All students who sold Poinsettias must come to pick up their order at this time. Students are responsible for distributing Poinsettias to anyone who bought from them. Please make sure you are able to transport the number of Poinsettias you have on your order.

    Dr. Peppers are scheduled to arrive next week. Another message will be sent out when details are available.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Yeats



    BMS Band Party Tomorrow (Friday), All-Region Auditions Saturday

    Our BMS Band Party is Friday, Nov. 3rd from 6pm - 8pm at the BMS Band Hall.

    Students should be dropped off at the bus loop behind the school. This event is for BMS Band students only. In order to attend, students MUST:

    • Pay $2 by band time on Friday
    • Have all debts paid for flip folders, reeds, etc.
    • Have all beginning of the year band paperwork turned in

    Students do not have to stay for the entire duration of the party, but students that do not stay for the entirety of the party must be picked up by a parent or guardian. Students cannot roam around the grounds of the school before or after the party. If a student leaves, they should not come back again. All students must be picked up no later than 8 pm. 

    All-Region Auditions are this Saturday, Nov. 4th at Henderson Junior High, Stephenville


    7:45 am Meet at BMS Band Hall (drop off at bus loop behind school)

    8:00 am Leave for Henderson Junior High

    9:15 am Arrive, claim our spot in the cafeteria. Go and find your audition room, come back and begin warming up. 

    9:45ish Go back to your audition room and check in if the monitor is there. They will tell you your audition number. Remember this number. Do not tell any Brownwood Directors your number.

    10:00 am Auditions begin. Be at the room when it is your turn!

    *During down time while waiting or after completing the audition, eat lunch at the concessions (money provided). When warming up in the cafeteria, you may only play warmups, scales, and All-Region Etudes. Other students will be blasting Fight Songs, stand tunes, and other unrelated music. We do not do this. Represent Brownwood with class.*

    Approx. 2:00 pm Auditions conclude, all results posted. Load and go home.

    Approx. 3:00 pm Arrive at BMS


    Other reminders:


    • Practice etudes and scales every day - you will not be allowed to go if you do not practice!

    • Dress nice, but comfortable. Nicer than what you wear on a normal day of school.

    • You will be responsible for your instrument and music, as well as any personal items you bring.

    • Electronics are allowed, but will not go with you when you audition.

    • You may not play your instrument anywhere but the cafeteria and your audition room



    Fundraiser Orders and Money Due Tomorrow (Tues), All-Region Reminders

    All Fundraiser order forms along with any money collected are due TOMORROW (Tuesday), October 24th. Please have money in an envelope labeled with the student's name, and use separate envelopes for Poinsettia and Dr Pepper orders if they sold both. Double check amounts to ensure all money is being turned in. 

    Late forms and money may not be accepted. Poinsettias should arrive around the last week of November, and Dr Pepper orders should arrive around the 1st week of December.

    All-Region Reminders (Students who brought back all region permission forms only)

    All-Region Band Auditions

    Saturday, November 4th

    Henderson Junior High, Stephenville

    More details to come closer to date. We will meet early that morning at the Middle School Band Hall and travel by bus. We should return sometime mid to late afternoon. Lunch will be provided.

    Students must be regularly practicing the etudes and scales in order to achieve success. Students can come after school for extra help most days Monday through Thursday at the band hall until 4:15. While we occasionally pull out students to work during class, most of the work must happen individually.

    We will be in need of parent chaperones to help with the Audition trip. Please let us know if you are willing and able to travel with us. Anybody wanting to trave with the band must complete a background check with the BISD Central Support Center.

    Thank you,

    -Mr. Yeats



    Band Party Night - Friday, November 3rd, 6-8 pm

    This year, the BMS Band will hold a party/hangout night on the evening of November 3rd. This will take place at the Middle School Band Hall and is for band students only.

    We will have food, games, karaoke, and more! 

    In order to attend, students must:

    • Pay $2 for a ticket before the day of the party (to help with the cost of food and drinks)
    • Be completely paid up on their band debt account - reeds, flip folders, etc. all paid for. Notes will be sent out to students who owe anything.
    • Have turned in the forms passed out at the beginning of the year (Medical, Handbook agreement, etc.)

    Students may bring their $2 at any point. Please note that there is not a physical ticket, but students' names will be marked down as they pay.

    We will be in need of parent chaperones to help with this event. Any parents wishing to help must undergo a background check with the BISD Central Support Center. If you have already undergone a background check, you do not need another one. Please let us know if you are able and willing to help.

    Thank you,

    -Mr. Yeats



    All-Region Etude Recordings available for practice

    All students planning on attending All-Region Band auditions should use the recordings below in their practice. Students can access those here:

    Fast Etude - "Grandioso"

    Slow Etude - "Moderato"

    These can also be found on the "Forms and Files" tab of this page.

    Any student wishing to audition should be practicing the etudes and scales given to them. Individual work is required for success. Students who do not learn the etudes and scales will not be allowed to attend auditions. 

    Band directors are available after school to help with music on most school days, Monday - Thursday. We will also work with these students in class, but not until closer to the auditions.

    Thank you, and happy practicing!

    -Mr. Y


    7th Grade Band - Flip Folders and Lyres Required

    Per the Band Policies and Procedures, students are required to have Flip Folders (small sheet music holders) and Lyres (attaches flip folder to instrument) for use for the upcoming Pep Rally (October 17th) as well as other times throughout the school year.

    We have these supplies and will begin distributing them next week. If students do not bring payment, it will be added to their account to be paid at a later date. 

    Students need slightly different supplies depending on instrument. Below are the required supplies and pricing for each.


    • Flutes - Flip Folder only

    • Clarinets, Bass Clarinets - Flip Folder and Lyre

    • Saxophones (all types) - Flip Folder and Lyre

    • Trumpets - Flip Folder and Lyre*

    • French Horns - Flip Folder only

    • Trombones - Trombone Flip Folder only

    • Baritones - Flip Folder only

    • Tubas - Flip Folder only

    • Percussion - Flip Folder only


    Flip Folders - $6

    Lyres - $6*

    Trombone Flip Folders - $13

    *Trumpet players may need a different lyre depending on their model of trumpet. Those without a removable 3rd valve slide finger ring will need a Bach Lyre, which is made to be mounted on the lead pipe. This lyre will be $15*



    All-Region Band Auditions Coming Up November 4th

    We will begin signing students up for All-Region Band Auditions over the next 2 weeks. 

    All-Region is not mandatory, but highly encouraged for all students. In order to audition, students must:

    • Be Academically Eligible (passing all classes on most recent Report Card, OR passing all classes on the upcoming Progress Report)
    • Learn 2 short Etudes and 1 page of scales
    • Be able to attend auditions on November 4th
    • Be willing and able to practice outside of school, either on their own or after school in the band hall with a director

    Students who commit to be entered for audition are required to follow through and attend. Those who register to audition and then drop out will be charged the $10 entry fee. Students who attend the audition will not be charged.

    Students interested should sign the All-Region Interest sign-up page in the Band Hall. Please know that signing this sheet is not a commitment to be registered to audition. Forms to get permission to be registered will go out at a later date.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Yeats



    8th Grade Band Students:

    We will be using lyres (flip folder music holders) for the upcoming pep rally.

    The following instruments are required to have lyres:

    • Clarinets
    • Saxophones
    • Trumpets

    Lyres range from $6 to $15 depending on the instrument. Students will be fitted for a lyre tomorrow (Friday) and notified of the price, and then will be given one on Monday. Students should bring payment on Monday if possible. They will not be penalized for not bringing payment, but it will be added to their student account to be paid later.

    Please refer to the BMS Band Policies and Procedures (Handbook) for more info on required supplies.

    Thank you,

    -Mr. Yeats


    Thanks for a great first day!

    Today, your band student received a band folder with their beginning of the year forms. There are 2 stapled-together pages that everybody has and needs to return to us ASAP. Some students also have an Instrument Repair and Maintenance Agreement form if they will be using a school-owned instrument. This should be brought back ASAP as well. These forms should only be turned in to the band hall, not the front office or any other teacher. 

    One of the pages is a Handbook Acknowledgement and Agreement form. We will discuss our handbook in class, but please note that the Handbook is available here on our webpage (below or on the "Forms and Files" tab), and a hard copy can be made available upon request.

    Students should begin bringing instruments to school beginning tomorrow (August 16th.) They should come to the Band Hall before 1st period to put it in their locker. Their locker number is on their folder.

    Students new to Band must have an instrument available by Friday of this week. If you are unable to obtain the appropriate instrument, the student will be removed from Band and placed in another elective.

    For all others, instruments must be here at the Band Hall ready to play by Thursday of this week.

    Thanks, and let's have a great year!

    -Mr. Yeats

    -Mr. Hernandez


    Welcome Back!

    We're excited for the 23-24 school year!

    To view the MS Band Handbook, click here: MS Band Policies and Procedures

    Students do not need their instruments on the 1st day of school. Students will receive instructions on when and where to bring their instruments during the first class.

    We're looking forward to seeing you!

    -Mr. Yeats

    -Mr. Hernandez