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    ANNOUNCEMENT, 5/23, 7 pm

    As of right now, we are still moving forward with our plans to go to Splash Kingdom tomorrow, May 24th.

    Splash Kingdom management is confident that they will be open. They were open today in the rain and had a successful day. They will let us know if their plans to open change, even throughout tomorrow morning. We will also be closely monitoring the weather and communicating with campus Administration to ensure a safe trip.

    The forecast in the area during our park time tomorrow is looking more like just rain and less like thunderstorms. Splash Kingdom will follow proper procedures and clear the park if the weather changes. Another thing to look forward to - Brownwood Middle School Band has the park to themselves! This is obviously exciting, but more than that, it means that all lifeguards and staff will be completely devoted to taking care of our kids throughout the day. 

    With the cooler and rainier weather, students may want to plan on having:

    • another shirt, etc. to cover up (it will not be very warm)
    • an extra towel
    • ziploc bags to keep items dry
    • a light jacket for the bus

    Please make sure students arrive behind the MS Band hall (at the bus loop) by 7:15. Students should eat breakfast before coming.

    We will load the buses and plan to leave by 7:30.

    We plan on returning to the MS by 4:15.

    We look forward to rewarding our students for their hard work this year!

    Thank you,

    Mr. Yeats



    Forms and payment for our Splash Kingdom trip are due tomorrow, May 10th. 

    Payment is $20 unless you have earned credits by working in the concession stand. 

    Ineligible students include: 

    • Students who did not participate in UIL Concert & Sight Reading Contest (8th grade)
    • Students who did not participate in Concert and Sight Reading Evaluation (7th grade)

    Students who have been in ISS during the 21-22 school year may be prohibited from attending the trip.

    The trip will take place on May 24th. 

    Thank You,

    Mr. Yeats



    The 7th Grade Concert & Sight Reading Evaluation is tomorrow, April 28th. Eligible students should come to school in their band t-shirt and jeans. Students will attend normal classes until band time, at which point we will load buses and go to the High School for the Evaluation. Students will return to the Middle School and be back in classes by the beginning of 6th period. Lunch will be provided.

    This Evaluation is not open to the public.

    Students not eligible for this event (they have been notified) will attend regular classes, and do not need to wear their band shirt and jeans.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Yeats




    The BMS Band Concert is tomorrow, Tuesday, April 26th, at the BHS Auditorium.

    Students must be in their assigned seat with their instrument and music by 7 pm. Students may not arrive before 6:45 unless they are watching the High School Band performance, which begins at 6 pm.

    The Middle School Band performances begin at 7:15 pm. 7th grade band performs first. During the transition to 8th grade band, the BHS Jazz band will perform. The 8th grade band will close out the concert.

    Dress is our current maroon Brownwood Band t-shirt and jeans with no holes.

    This is a required performance for all students, regardless of eligibility.

    After the concert, students will be required to take their instruments home. Students must bring their instrument back to school the next day!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Yeats.



    The BMS Elective Showcase is tomorrow, Thursday, April 7th.

    Students must be in their assigned seat by 5:45 pm

    Dress will be jeans and a maroon Brownwood shirt, preferably the current Brownwood Band t-shirt. If required to wear something else for another elective, follow that teacher/director's instructions.

    Band performance in the Lehrer Gym begins at 6:00 pm

    Students are required to stay through both 7th and 8th grade bands' performances, which will end at approximately 6:30. Immediately after the performance, students must pack up and put their instruments up in the band hall. Students participating in other showcases should immediately report to their other directors/teachers. 

    Once the band performance is finished, and students have put up their instruments, they are released to either go home or participate in the rest of the showcase. Students not actively participating in another part of the showcase should not stay at the MS without a parent or guardian present.

    This is a required performance for all BMS band students. 

    Please contact Mr. Yeats with any questions or concerns.



    REMINDER - 8th Grade Band UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest 

    Thursday, March 31st

    Stephenville HS

    Brownwood MS Performance time: 2:45 pm

    Performance is free and open to the public.

    Students will need to come to school with their concert attire*

    Release from classes: 12:15 (after 5th period) - lunch will be provided

    Approximate return to BMS: 5:15 pm


    Black pants - no leggings, sweat pants, joggers, etc. Black jeans are ok if they are nice and have no holes. 

    Long black socks

    Shoes - closed-toed, preferably black - the nicest, darkest pair of shoes you can find.

    Brownwood band polo shirt will be provided.


    It is important that we have every single eligible band member present! Please contact Mr. Yeats with any questions or concerns.





    Last week, students were assigned their first SmartMusic assignment of the semester.

    All students have a SmartMusic account, and have been given several lessons about how to use it. If they need a refresher:

    Go to smartmusic.com and hit "Log In/Sign Up"

    The username should be firstname.lastname

    The email should be the student's school issued email

    The password should be the same password that they use for their email - bwd###### (bwd followed by their lunch number), unless they decided to use their own created password.

    Compatible devices are: iPads (must use Safari), Desktop computers, Most laptops (Mac or PC), Microsoft Surface, Chromebooks

    If the student has no access to a device or no internet connection, they must communicate with a band director to make arrangments to complete the assignment. Students can always visit the band hall immediately after school to complete the assignment. If they are unable to come after school, students may be given the chance to complete the assignment during class, but only if they communicate their needs with a band director.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. or Mrs. Yeats.





    If you owe money to the band for flip folders/reeds, etc, you MUST have it paid by noon tomorrow, December 10th. 

    Students should bring money to a band director, but parents may get the money to the front office if it is in an envelope labeled with their name and "Band".

    Students who do not pay money owed to the band program will be held from attending this Saturday's dance, as well as any upcoming "reward days".

    Please contact Mr. Yeats if there are any questions about amount owed, etc.




    The BMS Band Christmas concert is TONIGHT!

    Students should arrive by 6:10 at the HS Band Hall

    Dress: current Brownwood Band shirt, jeans with no holes, closed toed shoes.

    Concert begins at 6:30.


    *The BISD Band will set out donation jars for the benefit of the Andrews HS Band bus tragedy. All funds collected will go towards funeral and medical expenses for those affected.*




    The BMS Christmas concert is coming up soon!

    Date: Tuesday, December 7th

    Time: 6:30 pm

    Location: Brownwood High School Auditorium


    Student call time: 6:10 pm at the High School band hall (across from FUMC)

    Dress: Current Brownwood Band shirt (students should sign up for a shirt in the band hall if they do not have one), jeans with no holes, close-toed shoes.

    Santa hats will be provided, but students may bring their own as long as it is a traditional red & white Santa hat.


    Students are required to stay for the entire concert (no more than about 45 minutes).


    This concert is worth several major test grades for the 3rd 6 weeks.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a BISD Band Director.



    All students MUST have their instruments at the school on Tuesday, August 24th for a grade.

    Students who play school-owned instrument must have their Instrument Agreement form signed and turned in for their grade.

    If you there are any issues with your student's instrument, you must contact Mr. Yeats as soon as possible.



    All students entering HS Band in the fall of 2021 should refer to the letter and calendar below in preparation for summer band activities.

    Summer band participation is required in order to participate in HS Band. 

    All 8th grade students participating as band managers should observe the letter and schedule as well. The first day managers should come is Thursday, registration day. 8th grade band managers should come to as much of summer band as they can. On registration day, please come during the Freshman time slot if possible. 

    Summer Band Letter

    Summer Band Calendar

    Please note that for the registration time, you are not required to come for the entire window of time.


    See you soon!

    Mr. Y