• BHS Lion Varsity Players!

    Lion Varsity Players

    The Pride of BHS!


    Brownwood High School Theatre aims to teach and prepare students in the art of theatre performance and production. Our hope is to build up student leaders who take initiative in their creative process to produce quality Theatrical work that impacts our community. As well as to build a cohesive team of young artists to collaborate, create, and communicate in an encouraging environment, evolving through empathy and reflection, and working to be successful, respectable members of our community.


    The brand of Brownwood High School Theatre represents much more than the productions we do each year. The “brand” represents the high expectations we have for each other and defines our behavior in and out of the theatre. BHS Theatre currently holds a 51-year District Champion Streak and is currently the #1 ranked 4A Theatre Team for the entire state. We are so proud of our accomplishments, and our behaviors and choices need to reflect those achievements. BHST works within the Brownwood community and our students are often recognized for the roles they play. Therefore, it is vital that our students recognize the responsibility that accompanies that recognition. In other words: With great power comes great responsibility. The Brownwood High School Theatre brand is also representative of leadership for the community. BHST believes that leadership is defined by service to others.