• Welcome to East Physical Education

    Physical Education at East Elementary is teaching love for movement for the rest of their life. Each student is a Champion In Training for what the future holds.


    Dress For Success

    Our P.E. classes are very active and it is important to wear the appropriate clothing and shoes on the days your child has P.E.  Some of the activities include running, jumping, throwing, kicking, starting and stopping quickly, etc.  Sandals, flip-flops, wedges, dress shoes or boots are not appropriate for physical activity.  Athletic shoes have rubber soles that allow proper traction, prevent injury, and protect feet and ankles.   Many students keep athletic shoes in their backpacks and change into them before PE class. This helped ensure the students were safe during activities.



    Student participation is important daily. I do not teach in units because I want to provide a variety of activities weekly. I realize sickness and injuries occur. If a student can’t participate, please send a note to school. If the student has restrictions given by the doctor, please provide the note to the school nurse and I will get a copy. I want to ensure the safety of the student so the doctor note will need to have a return to activity date. The school nurse and I communicate daily to make sure I am aware of any changes for physical activity. Students will receive an alternative assignment to participate and get a grade for the activity.


    Health & Safety

    This year I’m excited to add health into our classes. I taught health when I was teaching at the middle school for many years and I want our students to learn how to be healthy for life. Students in Kinder-Third grades will learn various topics including: goal setting, track their mileage, food groups, and how the body reacts to exercise and eating healthy.  This year, I am taking extra precautions for safety by disinfecting equipment between classes, providing hand santizer to students before and after classes, students bringing own water bottles or providing them with a cup of water.