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Ms. Boland's Class Rules and Procedures

  • Class Rules

    1. Be Ready.  Come to class with the materials needed.  This includes homework, something to write with, and a good attitude!  Be in the classroom with the materials needed and seated in your desk BEFORE the bell rings
    2. Be Responsible.  When you are in my class you need to be working.  You also need to take ownership of your behavior and your actions.  
    3. Be Respectiful. Respect others, keep your hands to yourself, and no putting others down.  Come to class with a good attitude and don't put yourself down. 


    Cell Phone policy

    I do NOT allow cell phones for personal use to be used in the classroom...EVER!  There may be times where the phone will be used as a part of the instruction and activity of the day, but not for texting or social media.  If you have a message you need to get to your child, call the office (325-646-9549) and they will deliver the message.


    Absent Policy

    If you know you will be missing class (for example, a family trip, or a school related event) please fill out an "Excused Absence Notice" before you leave so that I can get the work to you and you can get the work done in a timely manner.  You must get the work before you leave or the morning after your absence before school starts.   When a student is absent (NOT including school related events), they will have 3 days for each day they were absent to get the work completed and turned in.  After that, they will lose points on that assignment.  I give the students a colored paper that has the assignment listed and/or attached and it tells them the date that the assignment is due.  If a student needs help, they can always come before school for assistance.  If the student misses several days (like a week) then they will be given ample time to complete assignments.