• IPC stands for Integrated Physics and Chemistry.  In the fall semester we study Chemistry and the spring we study Physics. This gives a student an excellent knowlege base to take a year of Chemistry and a year of Physics later in high school. 



    Students are required to have with them each day in class the following: laptop, 2” ring binder, several pencils, pink eraser, red grading pens, box of 24 or more map pencils (or crayons), 4 different colors of highlighters, pencil pouch, and handheld pencil sharpener with lid. You may also want to have a set of 4 different colored pens for Cornell notes. All handouts, labs, graded papers, etc. must remain in your binder all year. Do not throw anything away! You will have binder checks all year for a grade.


    Students will be assigned a specific calculator number to use while they are in the classroom. They are responsible for damage to their assigned calculator while they are using it. Calculators may not be taken from the classroom/lab. It is acceptable for students to purchase their own calculator to use.

    Student Responsibilities

    1. Show respect at all times to the teacher, yourself, other students, classroom visitors, as well as school, teacher and student property.
    2. Obey all rules set out in the student handbook.
    3. Obey all safety rules and standards for the laboratory. (see separate section)
    4. Be in your seat and ready to work with all supplies when the bell rings. You may not enter the room and then leave. You may not hang out in the hall waiting for the bell to ring. Follow the 5 minute rule.
    5. The teacher dismisses the class – not the bell. Stay in your seat until the bell rings and the teacher dismisses you. Do not line up at the door.
    6. Come to class prepared and have all necessary materials.
    7. No food, gum, or drink (except plain water in a bottle with a non-spill lid) is allowed in class. Nothing is allowed in lab.
    8. No cell phones are allowed during class. They must be turned OFF and placed in assigned pocket on the wall. Computers are only allowed out when the teacher requests that you use them.
    9. All work must be done in pencil. (No pen, colored pencils, markers, etc.) Points will be taken off for graded work done in anything other than pencil.


    1. After school detention in the classroom will be assigned.
    2. If the student continues inappropriate behavior, a parent will be contacted.
    3. If the student still does not correct the behavior, a discipline referral to the office will be issued.
    4. In the case of severe disciplinary issues, steps 1 and 2 may be skipped.

    Grade Percentages

                Tests                           40%

                Labs                            30%

                Quizzes                       15%

                Daily/Homework       15%


    Six Weeks tests are given at the end of each six weeks and will be cumulative for the semester. If you are absent the day before a test or the day of a test, you will still take the test the day you return to school. Make-up tests must be taken either before or after school on the day you return, not during the class period. If you are absent for several days and a test has already been graded and passed back to the class, you will take an alternative version of the test. Vocabulary quizzes and pop quizzes for each chapter may be given and will count less than major tests. (See syllabus for grading percentages.) Not all tests will be able to be corrected for a higher grade. If they are corrected, the highest grade you may receive is a 70.


    There are no makeups for labs. Please try not to miss lab. If you are late for a lab for any reason and miss the instructions for the lab, you may not participate in the lab. If you are not dressed appropriately for lab, you may not participate in the lab. Lab sheets count as a major part of your grade. Missed labs will not count as a 0, they just will not count as a grade. Students who cannot attend lab will be seated in another teacher’s classroom and study the chapter material, notes, and vocabulary.

    Lab Rules

    1. Absolutely no horseplay in the lab! You must follow the instructions for the lab as written on the lab sheet and oral teacher directions. You may not perform unauthorized experiments.
    2. You must dress appropriately for lab. Students must wear close-toed shoes, long hair must be pulled back into a pony tail, and all rings and bracelets must be removed. All students must remove jackets, baggy outer clothing, bracelets, dangling jewelry.
    3. Absolutely no food, drink (not even water), gum, backpacks, purses, computers, or phones in the lab.
    4. Lab sheets must be completed in PENCIL.
    5. Goggles must be worn for the entire lab when working with chemicals, glassware, hot plates, Bunsen burners, or other dangerous materials.
    6. Safety is of the utmost importance! Students who do not have a Safety Contract and Classroom Rules sheet on file will not be able to attend lab.


    Tutoring will be held in the classroom after school on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:50 – 4:20. Students who are failing at Progress Report or Report Card times MUST attend tutorials until they are passing. There is also a school-wide tutoring time before school every day from 7:45 – 8:10 (except for days that I have morning duty.)

    Box Tops

                Students may turn in a “Box Top Buck” sheet for a 100 daily grade (up to 3 per six weeks). Buck sheets will be available in class.