• Coggin Intermediate
    800 Rogan

    Start time: 7:50 am
    End time: 3:25 pm

    We have 5 Zones for loading and unloading students.

     Parents can find their “zone” at the Registration and Meet the Teacher events.

  • For unloading students:

    Zone A - all 4th grade
    Zones B and C - None
    Zone D - 5th and 6th grade from 7:20 am —7:40 am
    Zone E - 6th grade after 7:45 am

  • For loading:

    ZONE A - 4th Grade (Grider, Templeton, Bennett, Long, Crosby, Thomason)
    ZONE B - 4th Grade (Land, Harding, Mosqueda, Kemp, Maninger, Welch, E. Smith, Fell) 
    ZONE C - 5th Grade Jaguars
    ZONE D - 5th Grade Owls & Wolves, 6th Grade upstairs & carpool
    ZONE E - 6th Grade downstairs


  • Alternate Pick-Up procedure:

    1. All 4th grade will be picked up at the front of the school at 800 Rogan in the circle drive.

    2. All 5th grade will be picked up in the cafeteria parking lot at Zone D.

    3. Carpool pick-up lane remains the same in Zone D.

    4. 6th grade pick up remains the same; upstairs in Zone D and downstairs in Zone E.

    *In case of heavy rains, the alternate pick-up procedure will be put into place.  This only affects students who normally get picked up by parents/guardians.  Those students who walk, ride the bus, or ride a bike are not effected.  Parents/guardians will be notified via School Messenger (text and email) when the alternate pick-up procedure is being used.


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