• Attend. Achieve. Succeed.

    Good attendance habits pay off! More than ever, attendance at school is critical for your child’s success.  School attendance is a primary reason for academic improvement, involvement in school activities, and high school graduation. Every absence adds up–Missing a lesson today impacts the ability to learn new information tomorrow.

    We do recognize that perfect attendance is not always possible. If your student is running a fever, is vomiting, or illness or injury causes discomfort that interferes with learning, please keep him or her home. A doctor’s note or parent/guardian written notification of the absence is expected when your child returns to school.

    Texas Compulsory Attendance Law requires all students who are at least 6 years old and have not met graduation requirements by age 19 to attend school (TEC §25.085). This includes students who are voluntarily enrolled in prekindergarten or kindergarten and are under the age of 6. This law requires students to go to school all day each school day while school is in session. 

    Students in violation of this law may be subject to a referral to court proceedings against the parent, guardian, or student. Violations of the law occur when a student accumulates 10 or more unexcused absences within a six-month period in the same school year under TEC §25.085. 

    In addition to compulsory attendance, students are required to attend each class and subject area at least 90% of the time at all grade levels. The 90% Rule includes both excused and unexcused absences. According to Texas state law and Board policy FEC Local, this is defined as a student missing more than 10%, or approximately 18 days of school over the school year.

    Remember that establishing a consistent pattern of attending school in early elementary sets your children up for success throughout their school career! For updates on your child’s absences and grades, enroll in BISD’s Ascender Parent Portal. You will need a portal ID number from the campus registrar when you register for the first time. The link to register or access your chld’s grades and attendance records is at https://portals15.ascendertx.com/ParentPortal/login?distid=025902