• Woodland Heights
    3900 4th Street

    Start time: 7:45 am
    End time: 3:30 pm

    Please remain in your vehicle in the traffic lane. When your child is placed in your vehicle, the outside lane is designated to exit. Please proceed carefully. We will not load children into double parked cars.

    Pre-K will be picked up by the gate in the back of the building on the north side. The outside lane must be left open so people can pull through. Once loaded, please pull out onto 3rd Street and turn left.

    Kindergarten will dismiss on the NE side at the back of the building. Once loaded, please pull onto 4rd Street and turn left.

    1st Grade will dismiss inside the front bus loop at the south corner of the building.

    2nd Grade will dismiss on the Phillips Street exit doors from the cafeteria. Vehicles will only be loaded at the traffic cones.

    3rd Grade will be released at the front door of the school in the front bus loop.

    Buses and Day Care Vans will pick up in the old circle drive near the covered pavilion north of the playground.


    Woodland Map