• Northwest Elementary
    311 Bluffview Drive

    BREAKFAST SERVED- 7:20-7:40
    Start time: 7:50 am
    End time: 3:20 pm


    Drop Off is at 7:20

    For Morning Drop Off there are 4 lanes in our parking lot. Each lane has a specific purpose. Please refer to the Red lines on the map.  You must enter through the park by the Splash Pad.  There is no drop off permitted in the parking lot or by the cafeteria unless you have business in the office to attend. 

    • Lane 1 (closest to the building) will be for Drop Off only. Staff will open doors and greet your children.
    • Lane 2 is for Drive Thru traffic only.
    • Lanes 3 & 4 are for short-term parking.

    Dismissal is at 3:20

    At Afternoon Dismissal only Grades 1 – 5 will utilize the front 4 lanes.  Please refer to the Red lines on the map.

    • Lane 1 is for 1st Grade Pick Up.
    • Lane 2 is Drive Thru only with no stopping.
    • Lane 3 is 2nd and 3rd Grade Pick up.
    • Lane 4 is 4th and 5th Grade Pick up.

    Afternoon Dismissal for Pre-K and Kindergarten will enter through the parking lot and then cross traffic in the lanes on the East Side of the Cafeteria.  There will be three lanes available.  Please refer to the Green lines on the map.  Please never enter through the Exit Only driveway.  Always enter through the entrance to the parking lot. 

    ECSE students will be dropped off and picked up at the back of the school.  Please refer to the Blue & Pink lines on the map.  Be sure to never pass the busses when they are stopped and have their stop signs out with red flashing lights.