• Multi-Purpose Activity Center

    • Waldrop mobilized on March 1st
    • Currently working on storm drainage, sewage lines and site work.
    • Interim weight room has been set up at the middle school
    • Snodgrass section expected to open Nov 2024.
    • Full project completion will be August 2025.

    Check out some photos of the progress and renderings of what the area will look like after construction is complete!

  • BHS Tennis Courts

    Bleacher construction is nearly finished at the BHS Tennis courts. Additional beautification and landscaping is planned before the project is completed.

    • Courts and fencing are complete.
    • Awnings are complete.
    • Lighting retrofit is complete.
    • Home side slab is poured. Bleacher structures are nearly complete
    • Track side slab is poured and bleacher structures are in progress.
    • New security fencing is complete.
    • Grand opening event to be scheduled once final completion date is firmed up.
    • Concession/storage needs will be addressed after phase 1 is compete. Work will likely be done in house.

  • Coggin Elementary Auditorium

    We've worked closely with an auditorium seating company to design a new chair layout that will offer much more comfortable seating along with much-needed ADA upgrades to our Coggin Auditorium. The project removed the previous chairs and installed 769 new seats along with 8 ADA spaces and companion seating. In addition, ADA access from the parking lot to the auditorium has been improved with a new ramp and increased ADA parking.

  • Elementary Gym Floors

    A new state-of-the-art gym floor system has been designed that ensures cleanliness, safety, and resilience for all our elementary schools.  The new gym floor system is designed to offer enhanced performance, safety, and durability. This means students and staff can enjoy gym activities with confidence, knowing that they are supported by a premium, high-quality surface.

    • Install is complete.
    • Touch-up completed over spring break and company has given district a 3- year extended warranty for all seams and patches.
    • New middle school bleachers are on order and are scheduled to be installed this summer.

  • Safety & Security

    • Enhanced Surveillance: Nearly 200 new cameras have been installed at the high school, junior high, alternative school, and central office. Additionally, existing cameras at elementary schools have been retrofitted to seamlessly integrate with the new system, ensuring more complete surveillance coverage district wide.
    • Improved Emergency Communication: Approximately 500 speakers are being strategically deployed throughout the district, offering more effective emergency communication capabilities. This system also enables zoned communication to each campus, enhancing responsiveness during critical situations.
    • Secured Access: Card access systems have been purchased and installed on exterior doors across the campus. These systems guarantee the safety and security of front office workers while maintaining controlled access to the facilities.
    • Enhanced Emergency Mapping: All emergency mapping is being comprehensively updated to provide accurate floor plans of each facility. This will assist students, faculty, and emergency personnel in identifying proper egress routes during crisis situations.
    • Radio Communication: Additional portable radios have been acquired to enhance emergency communication, ensuring improved coordination among staff during critical incidents.