Summer Learning Ideas for Students and Parents

  • Studies show that children who do not read or have access to educational activities during the summer lose up to 2 months of academic performance.  Those losses accumulate during the elementary school years so that by the time a child enters middle school he/she may be 2 1/2 years behind!  All children, whether from low, middle, or upper income families, may fall victim to the “summer slide” if not provided with summer learning opportunities.  

    So how do we prevent the summer slide - or even accelerate academic growth?

    Reading – Keep kids reading all summer long. Let them choose a variety of texts, join book clubs (or start your own), and set aside plenty of time for reading.  Or visit the Brownwood Public Library to check out books!

    Writing – Keep journals, find a Pen Pal, send thank–you notes, and fill out postcards. Write book and movie reviews for family members or find a safe place for your student to “blog.”

    Problem Solving – Cook, bake, build, keep a checkbook register (for a pretend checking account), and play lots of board games and card games. Those are all great ways to include math into everyday activities!

    Online Resources – If your student has access to a tablet or computer, here is a list of online resources they can utilize throughout the summer:

Printable Summer Packets