Workshop Flyer

Region XV Spring 2021 Parent Workshops

  • If you are interested in attending any of the workshops, please complete an easy-to-use Google form to register. Zoom links will be sent based on the contact info provided. Form link is below.


    Stay tuned for upcoming offerings for educators for Summer 2021!


    Workshop descriptions:


    2/17/21, 130PM-330PM - It’s Perfectly Normal!: Our Common Struggles With Mental Health

    This workshop will cover the most important mental health basics and will explore: mental health versus mental illness, common mental health challenges, symptoms to watch for in children, and most importantly, where you can seek help in Region 15.


    3/22/21, 130PM-330PM - “I Need to Talk to Someone:” Where to Go When You or Your Child Needs Help

    This workshop will take a closer look at what “help” looks like – what therapy is like (for parentsand kids!), what crisis help looks like, what to expect when you go to local agencies for help, and more. It’s important to demystify and normalize the important process of seeking help!


    3/29/21, 130PM-330PM - Understanding Trauma: The Child Brain in Survival Mode

    This workshop will cover the important basics of trauma: trauma and the brain, trauma-based behaviors and how to help with them, and how to be a trauma-informed parent.


    4/21/21, 10AM-12PM - Connection Matters: How to Effectively Connect & Communicate With Your Child

    This workshop will cover practical tips for communicating with children in an empathic way that teaches them to problem-solve, in addition to ways parents can help defuse explosive behaviors.


    5/7/21, 10AM-12PM - Finding the Words: Helping Your Child Develop Emotional Literacy & Empathy

    This workshop is designed for parents interested in helping their children develop emotional literacy – developing their emotion vocabulary, understanding where those emotions come from, expressing and self-regulating those emotions, and developing empathy for others.