• Title IX

    In its efforts to promote nondiscrimination and as required by law, Brownwood ISD does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, age, disability, military status, genetic information, or on any other bases prohibited by law. Additionally, the district does not discriminate against an employee who acts to oppose such discrimination or participates in the investigation of a complaint related to a discriminatory employment practice. Employment decisions will be made on the bases of each applicant’s job qualification, experience, and abilities.

    The district has designated and authorized the following employee as the Title IX Coordinator to address concerns or inquiries regarding discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and gender-based harassment:

    Title IX Coordinator: Adrienne Horton

    Physical Address: 2707 Southside Drive Brownwood TX, 76801

    Email Address: adrienne.horton@brownwoodisd.org

    Telephone Number: 325-643-5644

    Title IX Response Team
    In compliance with the new regulations under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the following BISD administrators will serve as the
    Title IX Response Team.

    Title IX Coordinator/Investigator
    Adrienne Horton - Director of Human Resources

    Title IX Facilitator for Informal Resolution
    Mitch Moore - Assistant Superintendent

    Title IX Decision Maker
    Liesa Land - Deputy Superintendent

    Title IX Appellate Decision Maker
    Dr. Joe Young - Superintendent

    Any individual may report sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, at any time, including during non-business hours, by mail, phone, or email.

    During district business hours, reports may also be made in person.

    Upon receiving an allegation of sex-based harassment, the Title IX Coordinator will promptly respond in accordance with board policies FFH and DIA.

    TITLE IX Information
    Policy DIA (Legal) https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/234?filename=DIA(LEGAL).pdf
    Policy DIA (Local) https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/234?filename=DIA(LOCAL).pdf
    Policy DIA (EXHIBIT) https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/234?filename=DIA(XHIBIT).pdf
    Policy FFH (Legal) https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/234?filename=FFH(LEGAL).pdf
    Policy FFH (Local) https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/234?filename=FFH(LOCAL).pdf
    Policy FFH (EXHIBIT) https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/234?filename=FFH(XHIBIT).pdf