• SODAS - A Sweet Way to Make Decisions and Solve Problems. 

    SODAS are more than just drinks. It's also the name of a strategy that gives parents/guardians and students a roadmap for how to solve problems, resolve conflict, and make decisions. 

    SODAS stands for:

    S = Situation

    O = Options

    D = Disadvantages

    A = Advantages

    S = Solution

    The SODAS method helps children and parents think clearly and make decisions based on sound reasoning rather than external pressures or spur-of-the-moment feelings. SODAS is a decision-making strategy that can help children and parents make decisions together and help children make good decisions on their own. (Retrieved from boystown.org)

    We know that during this time of social distancing everyday life can be very challenging.  We hope that this activity will help in the day-to-day struggles of working and schooling from home.  This strategy is also a great life skill that your child can use anytime or anywhere from now on!

    Click the blue link to access our SODAS activity:  SODAS ACTIVITY

    Happy Problem Solving!

    Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Jacobson