Degrees and Certifications:

Dawna Fulton

Hello all!

I love being the school counselor here at East Elementary! I am so excited to be back for the 2020-21 school year. I know it is a different kind of year but it can still be great! We will learn about our feelings, self-control, how our brains work, growth mindset, goal setting, social skills, and much more. These skills are important for students to develop into strong learners and good citizens. Our school aims to be a positive place where students can learn because they feel safe and loved. I work hard to help ensure those values and help students grow and succeed. I also enjoy working with families to help parents and students overcome obstacles that can affect their learning. Our teachers work hard here at East and I try to be an asset to them so we can all achieve good things. 

Personally, I value the opportunity to speak into kids lives and be someone they can trust. I believe every student can learn and grow. I believe that every student comes with their own set of life circumstances and individual needs. I do my best to honor their individuality and get to know every one of them. Every student at East is valued. I am grateful each day to work with them.