Student Ticket Guidelines

  • Brownwood ISD has announced a set of guidelines for students entering Gordon Wood Stadium for home varsity football games. In order to maintain a safe, orderly and enjoyable atmosphere for all attending, Brownwood ISD will implement the following requirements regarding student tickets:

    • All eighth grade or younger student ticket or athletic pass holders wishing to attend home varsity football games must be accompanied by an adult ticket-holder to gain admittance to the stadium. Student ticket-holders will not be permitted to enter if only accompanied by another student ticket-holder.

    • There is no limit to how many ticketed kids per adult may be admitted as long as the adult ticket-holder agrees to be responsible for each child they bring.

    • All high school students must present their student ID and ticket to be admitted if no adult ticket-holder is present.

    • If a student or adult ticket-holder is asked to leave, no refund will be offered. Adult ticket-holders who bring students into the stadium will be accountable for their behavior.

    • If the above guidelines are not met, entrance to the stadium will not be permitted and event staff will help students make arrangements to be picked up as necessary.

    The Brownwood ISD administration remains committed to maintaining the tradition, excitement and experience for all who attend varsity football games at Gordon Wood Stadium, and these guidelines are meant as efforts to enhance the safety and enjoyment for all who attend.


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