Brownwood Lions have behavior!


    • Every Tuesday, your child will be bringing home a maroon folder.  Included in this folder will be all graded work from the previous week.  You may keep the graded work. Your child's R.O.A.R discipline information will also be included in this folder. (It remains in the folder.) Sign the yellow weekly punchcard and the white yearly log. You will additionally be receiving your child's planner.  This planner will allow you to see what we are doing in class.  

      Every student begins the 9 weeks with a 100 in conduct.  It is the student's job to keep the 100. A punch on the punch card is 10 points off their weekly conduct grade. If any extreme behaviors occur, it will result in a maximum grade of a 60 for the week. Examples of extreme behaviors are: fighting, weapons, stealing, lying, cheating, abusive behaviors (verbal/physical), and any suspendable offenses. At the end of the 9 weeks, I average all weekly conduct grades to arrive at the 9 weeks conduct grade. They have to have a 90 or better to attend our classroom conduct party.