Advanced Technical Theatre

  • Course Description


    Students will explore and practice applications of construction including flats, sets, platforms, ramps, stairs, various mediums (wood, cardboard, plastics, cloth, etc.), painting, props, and costumes. They will organize and maintain a clean and safe work environment in costume shop, scene shop, box office, and technical booth. Students will learn and engage in safety precautions including areas such as the lighting equipment, use of power tools, cleanliness of work areas, use of ladders, stage and backstage. Students will learn the use and maintenance of sound and lighting equipment and participate in production staff duties and responsibilities and theatre management (box office, house, publicity, tickets, concessions, etc.)
    Each semester the student will be REQUIRED to attend one play or musical and write a critique over the performance. This is to be completed independently by the student and turned in by the week of exams for the fall and spring semesters. As show dates are available, I will make it a point to remind students.