Theatrical Design

  • Course Description

    Students will explore and practice basic applications of theatrical design. The student will be able to demonstrate:


    •     The ability to understand a text and its characters and to create and draw visual images for the stage from it
    •        The ability to communicate his/hers vision of a play to other members of a creative team.
    •        The ability to sketch basic design ideas.


    The students will be participating in different design aspects including costumes, makeup, set, and sound, as well as be a part of the 2017-2018 UIL Theatrical Design Team/Individual entry.

    Each semester the student will be REQUIRED to attend one play or musical and write a critique over the performance. This is to be completed independently by the student and turned in by the week of exams for the fall and spring semesters. As show dates are available, I will make it a point to remind students.