What is Theatrical Design?


    The Theatrical Design contest is a UIL contest in which students can particiapte by showing their creativity through the theatrical design process. Students who particiapte, have the opportunity to read and anylize scripts, work as a team or individual, and design an aspect of theatre such as set, costumes, hair & makeup, or publicity in relation to the required prompt. Students will use thier creativity by problem solving and applying their vision into reality.

     The purposes of the Theatrical Design Contest is to foster appreciation of good theatrical design, to increase the number of schools which have adapted technical theatre as an academic subject in school curricula, to learn to lose or win graciously, accepting with good sportsmanship the decision and critique with a view to improve future projects and to satisfy the competitive, artistic spirit with friendly rivalry among schools.

    Each school submits designs to the UIL office as directed in the current Theatrical Design Handbook. The designs are adjudicated and rated and advancing schools are announced. Schools receive a critique. Qualifiers at state are ranked first through sixth.