UIL Journalism

  • UIL Journalism contest is a series of contests where a student may compete in one or more of in order to enhance their abilities in Journalism writing. The contest is broken down into four categories: Feature Writing, News Writing, Editorial Writing, and Headline writing.

    Each category (with the exception of headline writing) gives you a prompt in the layout of interviews with additional information. The student reads the information given and writes a story based on the style that is required. Headline writing is where the student writes headlines for the stories instead of writing the stories themselves.

    Students compete at the district level, and then the top three places advance to regionals. From regionals, the top three places advance to state competition. The UIL journalism program has seen increased participation in recent years. Many contests winners have gone on to excel as professional journalists.

    The goals of the Journalism event are:

    • To emphasize journalistic writing and coverage in student publications as a means of teaching higher order thinking skills in students.
    • To maintain the student press as an instrument published by students, for students, and containing news of student activities.
    • To emphasize the journalistic integrity of student publications and to discourage the use of student publications for purely public relations, "happy news" functions.
    • To protect student publications from propagandists, faddists and those who would use it for self-promotion and self-advancement.
    • To promote scholastic journalism as an avocation for the majority and to emphasize its vocational aspects with care and discrimination.
    • To conduct contests, seminars, conventions and workshops with the intention of stimulating greater efforts from students and advisers to produce quality publications - not as an end in itself but as a means in educational development.
    • To reward and promote excellence as an incentive to higher standards of journalistic and educational endeavor.

    For additional information please feel free to contact Brittany Martin (Coach) or Kenan Boland (UIL Academic Coordinator).