Chemical Imbalance
  • At this time there are no dates set for JV OAP auditions. As we get closer, further updates will be posted. For any other questions or conerns please contact Brittany Martin or Shannon Lee for more information.


  • The purposes of the One-Act Play contest are to foster appreciation of good theatre, satisfy the competitive, artistic spirit with friendly rivalry among schools, learn to lose or win graciously, promote interest in theatre during adult life and increase the number of schools which have adopted theatre arts as an academic subject in school curricula. Each school performs a short play. The plays are adjudicated and advancing schools are announced and individual awards given. Schools receive an evaluation form and an oral critique.

    This year for the first time ever Brownwood High School along with the schools in our district will host a festival for our JV OAP. This festival will be run like the JR. High competion except that it is a non-sanctioned event, meaning it does not go towards our districts academic point system. Any student in good academic standing may participate.

    For further information please contact Brittany Martin or Shannon Lee.