Directing 1

  • Course Description

    Students learn how to select, organize, and mount formal and informal staged productions by means of exploring the leadership roles of director and stage manager. Students focus on the nature and responsibilities of the director and stage manager in relation to the entire production team; the effect of the director's concept on the overall production; vocabulary and principles of the various elements of play production; techniques used to create an effective theatre work; and basic knowledge and application of staging. Students will be required to attend and/or participate in rehearsals and performances outside the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom. The class will participate in the Texas Thespians State Contest in November as well as a culminating showcase performance at the end of the year. This course will consist of a great deal of in class discussion. We will discuss many directing theorists. It is essential that students come to class ready to participate in the conversations. If you are unprepared to join the class conversation you will have a very hard time understanding the foundation upon which our hands on work will be developed. In addition to the foundational work, students will be directing several scenes as well as short one-act productions. The course will be broken into the following areas:

    • Foundational understanding
    • Format, structure, and vision
    • Script analysis
    • Scene breakdown
    • Beats, Intentions, and Verbs
    • Scene studies
    • Blocking
    • The casting process
    • The Rehearsal Process
    • Scene Presentations
    • Play Reading and Selection
    • Directing Research
    • Prompt Books
    • The Design Process
    • Play Productions
    • Stage Management
    • Homework, Quizzes, and Exams