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  • Chemistry PreAP Syllabus:

    Fall 2017

    Teacher: Mrs. Dudley



    As your teacher, I have certain responsibilities and goals, which I am expected to fulfill.  My primary objective is to instill a desire to learn.  Other goals include:


    To teach the essential elements as dictated by the district and the state.

    To convey the importance and relevancy of chemistry.

    To create an environment of respect and learning within my classroom.

    To offer a variety of evaluation forms which compliment various learning styles.


    Class Materials:


    Bring the following items to class every day:



    Writing utensils

    Loose-leaf, 3 ring notebook and notebook dividers

    Cornell note paper and calculators will be provided



    Grading Policy:


    Chemistry 6-weeks grades are based on the following distribution:




    Daily Work (Homework/Quizzes/Classwork/Participation……….20%


    Examinations:  Upon completion of each topic, a test will be given.  Quizzes and daily assignments will be given as needed. 


    Late Work:


    Late work will be accepted with a maximum grade of 50 for the assignment.


    Extra Credit:


    No extra credit will be given.




    Retests will be given for a maximum grade of 70 if a student fails a test.


    Make-Up Work:


    You are responsible for getting your own make-up work. 

    Work after an absence is due after the number of days absent plus one day. 

    Missed handouts are on the table at the front of the room.

    Get notes you missed from a classmate. 

    For missed tests, you must schedule the make-up time with me.


    Classroom Expectations


    Be in your seat when the bell rings and prepare for class to begin.

    Bring your supplies every day.  Computer, notebook, pencils/pens, etc.

    Be respectful, responsible and stay on task.

    Do not talk when I or others are speaking in the classroom.

    Raise your hand to be recognized.

    No foul language.

    Work until the bell.  Stay seated until the bell rings.



    Modern Chemistry Content


    1st Six Weeks  27 Days  August 23 - September 29

    CH 1 Matter and Change

    CH 2 Measurements and Calculations

    CH 3 Atoms: The Building Blocks of Matter


    2nd Six Weeks 24 Days  October 2 - November 3

    CH 4 Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms

    CH 5 Periodic Law

    CH 6 Chemical Bonding (Part 1)


    3rd Six Weeks 30 Days  November 6 - December 22

    CH 6 Chemical Bonding (Part 2)

    CH 7 Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds

    CH 8 Chemical Equations and Reactions

    CH 3 Mole Concept


    4th Six Weeks 29 Days  January 8 - February 16

    CH 9 Stoichiometry

    CH 10 States of Matter

    CH 11 Gases (Part 1)


    5th Six Weeks 28 Days  February 20 - April 6

    CH 11 Gases (Part 2)

    CH 12 Solutions

    CH 13 Ions in Aqueous Solutions

    CH 14 Acids and Bases

    CH 15 Acid-Base Titration and pH (Part 1)



    6th Six Weeks 34 Days  April 9 - May 25

    CH 15 Acid-Base Titration and pH (Part 2)

    CH 19 Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

    CH 16 Reaction Energy (Thermochemistry)

    CH 21 Nuclear Chemistry

    Chemistry Connections


    Tutoring: If you need extra help, you can come see me for tutoring:  7:45 - 8:10.  I am also available for tutoring everyday after school if needed.