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     Below is a copy of the Course Syllabus:

    “Whether you think you can or can’t, you will be right!”

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Advanced Quantitative Reasoning, also known as Advanced Mathematical Decision Making, is a fourth-year course following Algebra II. Its primary purpose is to prepare students for college majors that are not math intensive, for technical training, or for a range of career options. It builds on and extends what students have learned and covers mathematics topics not typically taught in high school. The course does not remediate skills, but reinforces needed skills as students study new topics in relevant, engaging contexts. The course also helps students develop college and career skills such as collaborating, conducting research, and making presentations.

    Classroom Expectations:

    We will follow all school rules. Other classroom expectations will be set as and upheld as a class unit the first week of school and reviewed and revised as necessary throughout the school year.

    Supplies needed:       

    Small 3 ring binder

    Package of notebook paper


    Major 60%; Minor 40% ; Per school policy the final exam each semester is 1/7 of the overall semester grade.

    According to EIA local, it states that students shall be allowed a reasonable opportunity to correct or redo a class assignment or examination for which the student received a failing grade.  Students will have 3 days to correct or redo work to a maximum of a 70.

    1. PARTICIPATION: Your group will be depending on each member EVERY DAY to be successful.Recurring or excessive absences will adversely affect your grade.
    1. PROJECTS/PRESENTATIONS: Projects will be a group effort and all students are expected to do their share of the work. Projects will be accepted up to 3 days late for a penalty of 20 points off per day.
    2. LATE WORK: Late work will be accepted up to 3 days late for a penalty of 15 points off per day.
    3. MAKE-UP WORK: When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get notes/assignments missed. If you are absent for ANY REASON, you will be expected to make up the work your group did that day individually - and when appropriate, through alternate assignments. You have the number of days you were absent plus one to turn in ALL make-up work (tests and quizzes included).

    ***If you know ahead of time that you will be absent (this applies to most UIL absences), you should pick up all assignments before you go in order to still turn it in on time. You should also check to make sure there are no presentations scheduled for your group on that day.***


    Tutorials offered daily from 7:50-8:10. Watch board for additional times. Please note: Mrs. Biasiolli has morning duty in the front foyer every other week. There will be a sign on the door reminding students to find her in the foyer on those mornings for tutoring.

    TARDIESPer school policy, after the third tardy per six weeks, a referral will be sent to the office. The student will stay in class and the office will call the student in at a later time.

    CELL PHONE POLICY: Cell phones will not be used during class instruction time unless directed by the teacher. If a cell phone is visible during instruction, the teacher will take it up until the end of class for the first offense. Any subsequent offenses will result in the phone being turned in to the office – which then requires a fine and will only be released to a parent. ALL CELL PHONES WILL BE TURNED IN DURING TESTS! Anyone caught with a cell phone on them while testing will automatically receive a 0 on the test with no opportunity to retest!

    I can be reached by:

    1. Email: lisa.biasiolli@brownwoodisd.org
    2. Phone: 646-9549 (conference 9:07 – 10:00) 


    Dear parents/guardians,

    I am so excited to have your student in geometry! I am a firm believer in the power of communication between home and school. During the school day the easiest way to communicate is via email.


    Please email me at lisa.biasiolli@brownwoodisd.org. Put your student’s first and last name in the subject line. If there is anything you would like me to know about your student, feel free to include that in the message. You may also want to include phone numbers or best times to reach you. If not, you can just leave the message blank.  

    *If you do not have email, please call the school at 646-9549 and leave me a voicemail. Please leave your name, your student’s name and the best number at which to reach you.

    Si usted no habla ingles, por favor llame a la Senora Salazar y deje un mensaje.

    Lisa Biasiolli                                                            




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