• Mrs. Beelby’s

    Classroom Syllabus

    Procedures and Rules


    Conference period: 5th Period 11:09 – 11:56 am, Room 606

     This year Middle School will be offering the services of a Learning Lab.  Some reasons a teacher may send a student to the Learn Lab maybe if they missed a test, needing to complete an assignment that everyone else has finished, or needing to participate in a study session before taking a test. I also run the Odyssey grade recovery program in the Learning Lab. 

    Learning Lab Goals

    - to combine the expertise of general educators, special educators, specialists, and other campus staff to provide the most appropriate education possible for all students

    - to help each student become aware of his/her strengths, areas of need, and appropriate strategies.

    - to assist each student in becoming “study skill independent”.

    - to create conditions that encourage students' success in the general education classroom.


    Classroom Procedures

    At the beginning of class:

    1. Place your backpacks on the right side of the room as you enter.
    2. Sign in on the I-pad and give your Learning Lab pass to me and begin your lesson or test immediately. 
    3. Odyssey Students - Sign in, get your assigned computer and start your lesson/s for the day.

    During class:

    1. Sharpen your pencil when necessary but no more than two people at a time at the sharpener and not during instruction times.
    2. No gum allowed in class
    3. Save trash until after class
    4. Bathroom/water/nurse/locker policy:
    • Please do not ask to leave class unless there is an emergency. Anyone who consistently asks to leave will need to schedule an individual conference with the teacher.
    • No one will be excused during the first or last 10 minutes of class or during certain activities.
    • Bathroom needs are to be taken care of during the three minute passing periods.
    • You will not be allowed to go to your locker once the class has begun.

    Leaving the classroom

    1. When you are finished be sure to get your return to class pass, sign out on the clipboard, and take your work with you back to class.

               Remember: You may not leave the room the first or last 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class.

           2. Odyssey Students - Log out of Odyssey program and your laptop

                                             - Return and plug in your laptop to the proper charging station 

    End of class:

    1. Pack up your belongings only after you have been asked to do so.
    2. Clean up the area around your desk before you leave and return any borrowed materials.
    3. Sign out, get your pass, and take your completed work back with you to your teacher.
    4. Wait in your seat to be dismissed by your teacher.

    Class Rules/Expectations

    • Behave like ladies and gentlemen (respecting yourself, your teacher and others as well as classroom materials).
    • Be on time for class.
    • No gum chewing.
    • Be prepared for class.
    • Do your best (belief in yourself and always trying to do your best).
    • Nothing at your desk except supplies needed for the lesson.
    • No cell phones without permission.

    Classroom Culture

    We will work together to celebrate our learning and be rewarded with positive calls, notes, and increased privileges.

    However, I will not allow any behavior in our classroom that inhibits another student’s ability to learn!!!

    Therefore, I follow a strict discipline policy as outlined below. 

    Minor Infractions or Level 1 Offenses-(see code of conduct)

    1st incident               Verbal warning/teacher-student conference

    2nd incident              E-mail Parent

    3rd incident               Teacher calls parent/guardian for conference

    4th incident               Teacher writes office referral

    Major Infractions 3 Offenses-(see code of conduct)

    Teacher writes office referral immediately.

    Level 2 Offenses may or may not result in an immediate office referral.