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Grading Policy

  • Major grades (tests, projects, essays) = 60%
    Minor grades (daily work, homework, open notes quizzes) = 40% 
    Students will be allowed to re-test anytime they score below an 70 on a test.  The highest grade they can receive on a re-test is an 70.  If the re-test does not result in a passing grade, the student may then complete corrections with the highest grade possible being a 70.  To complete corrections, the student must write each question that was missed and the entire correct answer THREE times each.  Extra-credit is built into quizzes, tests, and daily assignments, so encourage your student to take advantage of that throughout the six weeks because there will be no extra-credit work available at the end of the six weeks.
    A NOTE ON CHEATING:  If a student cheats on a test or quiz, that student will receive a zero and it will be documented on their discipline report.  They will then have to go through the re-test process in order to make up that grade.  If it happens a second time, I will call home, and it will be an office referral.   If a student is caught copying another student’s homework, both students will receive a zero for that assignment.  If a student plagiarizes or copies and pastes information off of the internet for any writing assignment, the student will be asked to redo the work with the highest grade possible being a 70.  If it happens a second time, the student will receive a zero for the assignment  This is a serious problem that students need to learn to avoid at this point in their education.  If it is a continual problem, then other discipline steps will be taken.  We will practice summarizing, paraphrasing, and other strategies to avoid plagiarizing or copying.