Fine Arts

Brownwood ISD Fine Arts

Brownwood ISD is proud to offer quality fine arts education to all of its students.

Brownwood Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers use art and music on a regular basis to enhance their classroom curriculum.  Formal art and music education begins in 1st grade.  East, Northwest, and Woodland Heights each has its own music teacher.    All 4th grade students attend Coggin Elementary, where art and music education continue, preparing the students for Intermediate School.

At the Intermediate School, 5th grade art, music, and computer are offered on a 12-week rotation.  Every 12 weeks, the students change elective classes.  6th grade students are given the opportunity to choose art, band, choir, or computer.  These students stay in the same elective all year.

At Brownwood Middle School, students begin to develope their talents in one or more fine arts programs.  BMS offers outstanding opportunities in art, band, and choir  Band and choir students participate in UIL Competition.

At Brownwood High School, countless opportunities are available in the Fine Arts Department.  Band and choir students compete at all levels of UIL competition.  They also provide music for the district and the community.  The Theatre Department presents an annual fall play and competes in UIL One-Act Play competion in the spring.  The entire Fine Arts Department presents a musical each January.