3rd Grade


STAAR Strategies
1.  Read the title and underline it.
2.  Read all the story.  Think about the story.
3.  Read the question.  What is it asking you?
4.  Circle any clue words in the question.
5.  Read all the answer choices.  What makes sense?
6.  Find the answer in the story and underline it.
7.  Choose the correct answer and mark it.
8.  Check over your work. Do your answers make sense?
9.  Check and make sure you answered all the questions.
Math General Tips
READ the question! 
Circle the numbers and any clue words.
Think about what the question is asking you to do with the numbers.
Complete the operations. 
Choose the correct answer choice.
We will be adding to and changing these strategies to fit the new STAAR test as we learn more about it. 

Ideas for Studying Those Spelling Words
  1.  Write the words in different colored markers or crayons.

Example:  worried   emptied   easiest  Color seems to imprint the word on the brain.

  1. Say, spell it, say it (This is the way you and I used to study!) 
  2. Type the words on the computer.  Use a different font or color for each word.
  3. There is an internet site where you as the parent can type in the spelling words for the kids to play games with.  I think it’s free.     http://www.spellingcity.com/
  4. This is a messy one.  Put a dollop of shaving cream on the kitchen counter.  The kids spell the words in it like fingerpainting.  If you’re really brave, you can use pudding.